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MoKee OS 5.1.1 14-08-2016 Lenovo A7000

Base To Redmi Note 2

DISCLAIMER : Rooting or Flashing Custom Recoveries/Roms can brick your device. We at opensproject do not take any kind of responsibilities if your phone doesn’t boots up or your SD card is dead. It is your sole responsibility to root or flash custom roms and recoveries and bear the loss if incurred in the process.

Base: Redmi Note 2
Status: Stable
Android version: 5.1.1
Stable Release Date: 14-08-2016

USING TIPS:1. To capture screen shots: simultaneously press the volume down + power buttons for 2 seconds to achieve.
2. Change the weather location: add desktop weather widgets, and custom location, click to confirm.
3. The developer mode is hidden by default, you need to open Settings > About phone, click on the version number for 5 times.
4. Double tap on status bar to turn screen off.

- Base redmi note 2 14-08-2016 update
- Extremely smooth. 
- Battery usage is very good compared to all other Redmi Note 2 ROMs (just try and get high).
- Perfect support for lossless music, and enhance the stability of the video hardware.
- Optimized camera with fast focusing speed. Picture quality is now as good as on stock ROMs.
- No over heating. The phone is always very cool, even when using 3G, 4G or playing big games.
- Flat theme (not actived by default)
- Wakelock blocker added to the smart control setting.

Installation instructions :
  • Go To CWM/TWRP
  • Wipe Data
  • Wipe System
  • Wipe Cache
  • Wipe Dalvick
  • Wipe Internal (Optional)
  • Flash The ROM zip From Recovery
  • Reboot


21/08/2016 update



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