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Miui Weekly Update v8 6.9.1

MIUI 8 China Developer ROM 6.9.1 Full Changelog

New - Slide down to exit fullscreen preview (08-31)
New - On/off switch for screenshot sounds (08-30)
New - Call recording in the form of folders and separate with ordinary recording display (08-30)

Fix - Phone app didn't work with some of the 3G SIM cards issued by China Telecom (08-27)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Fix - Notification shade issues in Second space (08-31)
Fix - Status bar wasn't working properly with third party themes in some cases (09-01)

New - Slide down to exit fullscreen preview (08-30)
New - Turn off screenshot sound in screenshot settings (08-31)

Fix - Fix issue with setting a new ringtone (09-01)

Today we are bringing you with the following recommended features:

Screenshot shutter sound switch
We have added the screenshot shutter sound switch for those users who are requesting it.


Add Call recordings folders to separate them from other recording 
In the previous version, all recordings were collected under the same folder. In this weekly update, we have added a "Recorded calls" folder to save call recordings. 


Swipe finger downwards to go backUnder the full screen view, users can swipe their finger downwards to go back to previous menu without touching the "back" button. (961.95 KB, Downloads: 0)


From here you can follow it.


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